Sport Shop Narr in See

Everything about sport & fashion

Our specialist sports shop for skis, snowboarders, cross-country skiers and Nordic Walkers is right in the centre of See.

A wide selection of global leading brands take care of your winter adventure. We stock ski outerwear, skis, snowboards, ski shoes, helmets, protectors, gloves and hates – everything skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers need.

In our shops you get to enjoy first-rate advice and the latest sports equipment - comfortable, trendy, state-of-the-art and of course outstanding functionality and comfortable to wear.

Trendy and stylish winter clothing from top brands, shoes and countless practical accessories are available opposite, in our new shop OPPOSITE-NARR Fashion and mode.

Ski & Snowboards

Test first, then buy!

Test your bespoke skis, snowboards or carving models, then decide if you want to buy or not.

In spite of getting great advice, a test ride before you buy is always a great idea! We have a first-class selectin of winter equipment from leading brands.

Ski- & Sportmode

Functional, trendy fashion

Our fashion range has a wide choice of exclusive brands that inspire with their quality and functionality. This means you not only look trendy and "up to date", but you have the right equipment for unlimited fun in the snow.

Glasses, hats, helmets...

For hassle-free fun on the piste

Get optimum protection from wind, cold, rain or sunshine. We stock a wide range of ski accessories: ski hats, ski goggles, helmets, helmet cameras, protectors... Functional ‘must-have’ items, ski underwear, ski gloves etc. or even just things you have always wanted.

Need the right fit?

Your ski shoes are the most important part of your equipment. They transfer power and technique to your skis. Skiing is easier and better the more precise the fit of your shoe to the shape of your feet

Our experienced staff (some of whom also are trained in orthopaedics) begin with a foot analysis. Attention is paid to various foot deformations: halux, Haglund heel etc.,... Balance and support for incorrect positioning in the feet and legs: fallen arches, splayfoot, bow legs and knock knees. We use supportive sports inserts to fine tune your position.

Before cushioning with foam inserts, we cushion each section of your foot that requires freedom of movement. Thus avoiding any ‘pressure points’. The foaming is then fine-tuned.

To achieve the right shoe fit, offering specific inserts and bases are required, as well as determining different materials to suit your bespoke needs.