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Terms of entry for Facebook / Instagram competition
The competition is organised by Sport Narr / Opposite / Tyrol/ Austria. By entering the competition, you agree to the following terms and conditions of entry.

What can you win?
By entering the competition, you have the possibility of winning a voucher / non-cash prize for the package described on Facebook / Instagram.

How do you win?
You enter the competition by liking/following Opposite on Facebook / Instagram and either liking, sharing and/or commenting on the post.

Who can enter?
The competition is open to all individuals aged 16 and over and entry is free-of-charge. Entrants below the age of 18 require the agreement of a parent/guardian. This is a requirement of Sport Narr / Opposite. Automated bot services and competition sweepstakes are not permitted to take part.

Who is not permitted to enter?
Sport Narr / Opposite reserves the right to exclude certain individuals from entering, where there is a justifiable reason. These reasons may include a breach of the terms of entry, vote rigging and / or unlawful entries, offences, providing false information and brand, competition or copyright infringements. Sport Narr / Opposite reserves the right to implement any legal measures as may be required. Users are responsible for any legal violations. Employees of Sport Narr / Opposite are not permitted to enter Facebook / Instagram competitions. The judges’ decision is final.

When is the competition taking place?
The Facebook / Instagram competition will begin on publication of the competition post and will run for a limited time only.

When and how will the draw take place?
The end of the prize draw competition will be announced in due time on Facebook / Instagram. Following the end of the prize draw competition, the winner will be selected at random behind closed doors and will be informed on the same day.

How will the winner be announced?
The result of the draw will be published the day following the end of the competition on Facebook / Instagram. The winner will be named in person by Sport Narr/ Opposite on the Facebook / Instagram page.

Consent to publication of winner’s name on our page
By entering the competition, entrants agree to their name being published on our Facebook / Instagram page in the event of them winning. The winner agrees to his/her name, any information publicly provided on Facebook / Instagram (e.g. place of residence) and the total won being published on our Facebook / Instagram page.

How is the prize awarded?
When the winner is announced, he/she is requested to get in touch with Sport Narr/ Opposite. If the winner does not get in touch within 7 days, the prize will be withdrawn and a new winner selected.

Data protection regulations
Any information collected during the competition will only be used by Sport Narr / Opposite for the purposes of running the competition.

Exemption of Facebook / Instagram from liability
The competition is run by Sport Narr / Opposite Silvrettastrasse 178, 6553 See in Tirol / Austria. Facebook / Instagram is in no way connected with this competition. Facebook / Instagram therefore has no role as a contact partner for this competition. Any questions / information concerning the competition should be addressed to Sport Narr/ Opposite.

Sport Narr / Opposite reserves the right to adapt, modify or terminate the competition at any time. Circumstances which may result in this include disruption of the competition due to force majeure, legal reasons, technical issues (e.g. Hardware or software error) or tampering in the competition by a third party. Sport Narr / Opposite cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from participation in the competition and which fall outside of its field of responsibility. The non-cash prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be given to others. The judges’ decision is final.

SPORT NARR / Opposite
Silvrettastrasse 178
6553 See