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Nordic Walking

Trekking & walking poles

The Alpine landscape is there for you to tackle, on safe paths and with suitable equipment. Alpine and high Alpine tours, the very changeable weather conditions and different paths – all this requires proper planning and first-rate equipment. From suitable functional clothing to footwear, rucksacks and touring poles. Drop in and get expert advice in our sports shop. Our team are happy to take time to see to your needs!

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Trekking & walking poles

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Hiking with a pole

When you go hiking with poles you automatically get to enjoy a number of benefits. Heading uphill is easier on your knees, while heading downhill you can be sure of your step. On straight routes you enjoy a nice rhythm, which is motivating.

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes and trekking shoes are outdoor shoes for good routes, easy terrain and shorter tours. We will provide advice on what these are and the differences between these and more stable mountaineering shoes.


Keep in mind that the weather conditions in the mountains can change fast. Depending on the weather rain-wear is also recommended – it provides protection from sun, wind and rain alike.

Conditions of hire

  1. The lessee is wholly responsible for sports equipment that is on loan.
  2. It is not permissible to give a third party any item of sports equipment that is on loan.
  3. Hired sports equipment is not covered by insurance. In the event of theft, breakage or damage through improper use, the lessee is responsible for the present value and repair costs.
  4. Sports equipment can be insured against breakage and theft.
  5. Theft must be reported to the lessor within 24 hours and the relevant security authority is to be informed.
  6. Exchange of any hired sports equipment can be done at any time. If an item of equipment from a higher category is chose, the surcharge stated on the price list is to be paid.
  7. In the event of injury or illness equipment is to be returned immediately and medical help sought. In this instance any rental costs will be reimbursed for the time the equipment has not been used.
  8. If equipment is unable to be used due to unfavourable weather conditions or other events, the hire price will not be reimbursed. Returning any hire equipment early and reimbursement of the rental price for the time the equipment has not been used is only possible if the lessee has to depart early for good reason.
  9. The lessee is to ensure that equipment is stored in such a way that mix-up or theft is prevented. Skis should only be stored individually, separate from one another, or in a ski safe. Storage of equipment at night - in a locked ski room in your accommodation, or in a locked vehicle.
  10. Upon signing the address form, the lessee confirms the accuracy of their personal details. 
  11. Should any hired equipment not be returned without valid reason, the lessee must take into account that a theft report may be lodged.